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OLFSL mid season

This year I've took on a challenge with the league that's been around since S1 days. It's the league where I had my very first international league race. Of course I'm talking about The Original LFS League. To give you a glimpse of their history, just go to their Hall of Fame. You'll find n1lyn, RudiTurbo, as well as couple of old school cyber guys and even Piirste from f1rst all as champions, more recently Jarno won the last season which was dominated by single seaters for the first time in OLFSL history.

Back in '08 I had raced the first half of the season, but thanks to my unstable internet back then, I was unable to fight for championship, so I refocused on MoE instead. Hugo used to race back then as well, but was stopped in championship hunt with disconnects too. Speaking of some old legends, bawbag is still holding the record for most race wins, though he never won the season.

Anyway, let's move on to this season. Every year OLFSL staff comes up with something new. Named From tortoise to hare, this year it's a double races per event, starting of with UF1 and moving all the way up to GTR cars and even a single seater for season finale.

The league is always highly competitive, holding a number of grids. Long time LFSer, Romanian GTS Ady, top class OWRL F1 Russian racer rsg077 and a new name to me, Italian R4F Enkidu are proving to be my main competitors in bid for race wins and ultimately the title.

We have had six of ten events so far before this summer break, so let's recap some of the highlights.

I was lucky enough to take pole position in first two events posting PB's with UF1 and XFG from Ady as closes chaser. The races were pretty straightforward from pole to wins, interrupted with disconnect in 2nd race of UF1 event only. Funnily, JPeace was attending first two rounds as well, until disconnect in 2nd round left him too angry to continue his season. I took time off for for family obligations that weekend as round 3 went by. Franky defended TRR colors scoring 4th in points respectively. JHolmes attended qualifying for that round posting 3rd quickest time, but never showed up for the race for unknown reasons to me. Enkidu took on a RWD charge winning both races from Ady.

Back on for round 4 and my very first event with RB4. rsg077, a man very well known from OWRL F1, who was already on pole position in LX4 event took his 2nd pole position of the season. I was close second on the grid. Tight fe1r track and good drive from rsg gave me no chances to challenge his lead, so we finished in same order we started. Next on, it was FXO and yet again rsg took a pole position, 3rd consecutive. But, this time with the long fe4 track I was sure of being able to challenge him. Join me onboard for highlight battle of the season.

The last round before summer brake finally gave me a chance of rwd taste. From pole to two wins, highly challenged from Enkidu, until he and rsg ren into each other throughout race two. My teammate Kasper had his OLFSL debut in this event, taking on impressive 4th and 3rd as race results and 2nd in points for that round.

I approached this summer brake with 65 and 111 points lead over Ady and Rsg when we drop one round out. It's a good place to be, however I have to keep on pushing. OLFSL's points system is unforgiving and I'll make sure to keep my concentration for remaining of the season.

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